Colloidal Silver (16 oz) Micro-Particle

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A Super Mineral Supplement
10 ppm
16fl, oz (472ml)

 Family Safe
Small Particle Size

Suggested Use:
1 Teaspoon – 1 Ounce,
1 – 3 times daily.

Shake Before Use for Maximum

Store at room temperature
in a dark, dry place

Pure Steam Distilled
Water & Pure .999 Fine
Ionic Silver

Made in America
Manufactured by: Silver Aware

3 reviews for Colloidal Silver (16 oz) Micro-Particle

  1. Dan

    I use it every day. Helps kill Vampire Fungus in your stomach, itches on your skin, scratchy eyes, foot and toenail fungus. Stops colds from the first sign when sprayed into your nose and throat. Helps promote healing very quickly when sprayed onto wounds, sores or rashes.

  2. Jack J

    I have been so impressed by the speed in which a burn will heal after spraying or dabbing directly on the wound. I have yet to have anything but great replies from everyone i have introduced the silver spray to. I have watched my brother do the (Pepsi-Challenge) on two of his burns. The burn in which he used the collodial silver healed nearly twice as fast as the one he applied aloe vera to. That was the moment i no longer considered my personal results to be just a surprising fluke. From eye infections to dry and rashy skin, I have been wonderfully amazed to see the results of this product.

  3. Lisa

    Colloidal silver to the rescue I say. I started using this as a supplement to my diet. I noticed that I wasn’t getting sick when everyone else was. And if I did, it lasted only 3 days, whereas others illness lasted over 2 weeks. I use the spray version on my legs after I shave and my legs are smooth, whereas they were dry before. I also use it in my eyes when they are scratchy & dry and my eyes are instantly relieved. It works wonders for infections as well, I will always use this product. Thank you Silver Aware for a great product at a great price, more reasonable than anywhere else!

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