Fresh & Clear (4 oz)

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Pore Tightening
Antibacterial Skin Toner
Essential Oil/Colloidal Silver Mix
4fl, oz (118ml)

Suggested Use:
Wash face, then spray on skin or on hand and wipe on face.
(Avoid Eye Contact! Non-Edible!)

Shake Before Use for Maximum Effect


Store at room temperature   Store in a dark, dry place

Distilled Water, Grade 1 Oils: Melaleuca, Elemi, Lavender, Juniper, & Pure Ionic Silver

Made in America

Manufactured by:
Silver Aware


3 reviews for Fresh & Clear (4 oz)

  1. Jack J

    I am a 46 year old Man. I would have assumed that i would have zero need for the Fresh and Clear. I haven”t had an acne problem in 25 years. I had purchased some for my girlfriend. After noticing how much more refreshed and youthful she appeared to me, I asked her if she thought I should try it. Well, I”m tickled to say I did. It is obvious to me each morning, that the guy looking back at me appears to have much tighter cheeks and my wrinkles around my eyes are much less prominent. It takes me less than 90 seconds each morning after i wash my face or climb out of the shower. We are both soooooo very pleased with Fresh and Clear”s results.

  2. Erica Long

    My husband and I recently started using fresh and clear on our faces and love the benefits! I’ve seen a difference after just a few times. My pores seemed to be less visible and the smooth texture that my skin felt after using this product was amazing. My husband has small blackheads on his face and after a couple of uses they seem to be clearing up. The amazing thing is after he seen what this product was doing for me he started using it and prior to this I could never get him to put anything on his face. He would say,” its just going to break me out!” I love the feeling! Knowing that I get all these benefits without using all the harsh chemicals on my face, or spending thousands of dollars on chemical based products, claiming to be youth serums!

  3. Lisa

    Love it! The Fresh & Clear is so amazing on my skin. After the first use, I was hooked. I use it on my face before I apply lotion. My skin feels smooth, tight and refreshed. I normally don’t have an issue with acne, but when I do, this product clears my skin right away. Thank you Silver Aware!

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